Rihanna annule sa tournée américaine

Publié le 30 Juin 2010

Singer Rihanna did a little shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue in Los Angeles, California on June 22, 2010 with a bodyguard. Rihanna goes to great lengths to keep her relationships as private as possible but was recently seen out on a dinner date with boyfriend Dodgers baseball player Matt Kemp where both looked very upset to see the camera men outside. Rihanna didn t seem to happy to see the shutterbugs this afternoon after a shopping spree in Saks but she let them get a few good ones oh her in her summer ready red hot outfit before heading on her way. In other recent news its said Katy Perry would love to see Rihanna strip at her bachelorette party and has also been the talk of the town about her latest song with Eminem. Fame Pictures, Inc


Rihanna a décidé d'annuler la date de lancement de sa tournée américaine car la vente des billets n'était pas à la hauteur de ses espérances. La vente de billets ne se serait pas assez bien passé. Elle devait néanmoins se produire vendredi soir au White River Amphithéâtre de Washington.